How do I get started using Appspace?

The following short video tutorials and FAQ pages have been compiled below to help you get started in Appspace. Under each topic below you will find a link to video tutorials and/or FAQ pages. You can also watch a playlist of just the videos. Not all topics below include a video tutorial.

NOTE: Bookmark this link exactly as shown to be sent through University Single Sign On (SSO) every time:

  1. Overview of the Appspace dashboard
    NOTE: Remember to set your Home Location so you can edit channels properly: How do I set my Home Location in Appspace?
  2. Uploading content and saving content to the correct library location:

    FAQ pages on these topics: 
    1. How do I upload my content into Appspace?
    2. Where do I save my content within Appspace?
  3. Creating and Managing Content:
    FAQ pages on this topic:  ​​​​​
    1. What kind of content can I create within Appspace?
    2. How do I set a time expiration for content in Appspace?
  4. Managing Content on Channels and Devices: Viewing Currently Displayed Content, Scheduling New Content, Editing Display Settings, and Removing Content
    FAQ pages on these topics: 
    1. How can I see what is being shown on my screens in Appspace?
    2. How do I schedule content on my Channel(s)?
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