What are some advanced scheduling options in Appspace?

The channel editing feature has several niche features that may prove useful - see this article for the basics of scheduling content.

  • Per folder settings: clicking on the Pencil next to a folder and selecting Configure folder settings brings up a menu that lets you configure items on a folder-by-folder basis.
    Configure folder settingsFolder settingsFolder settings
    • Filters allow you to narrow down what content from a given folder makes it through to your channel. See more here
    • Under Playout Properties, you can once again set Transition, Aspect Ratio, and Duration.
      These settings override the defaults set in the channel-wide settings.
    • Schedule, Dayparting, and Frequency all allow you to tune when the content shows up on the screen: See here for details
    • Schedule and Dayparting allow you to select when that folder's content is available to go into rotation
    • Frequency allows you to select how often the content comes up in the rotation.
      For example, setting an airtime of 50% means the folder you are editing will split the time on the screen equally with every other folder or direct allocation.
  • Per item settings:
    Overall content menuTransition settingsPlayout Properties
    • Clicking on the menu to the far right of a content item's name provides the option to disable or move the item to the top/bottom of the list.
    • Items can also be re-ordered by dragging the handle on the far left side of the content item's bar.
    • Clicking on the three-icon settings button opens a settings menu that is identical to the one at the folder level.
      Any settings applied here override both the channel default and the folder default.
    • Finally, in the settings menu at the top bar of the channel, there is an option to change the layout of the channel.
      Channel settings

      See this Appspace documentation for details on editing the layout/template of a channel.

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