What resources do I need to work remotely?

Most teaching, learning and research functions can take place whether or not someone is physically located on campus. Most systems have web interfaces available from any device. Some specialized systems and software may be limited to university devices or only available over the VPN. This list will help you prepare to successfully work remotely.
Here is a list of some common resources you might need to work remotely:

See these resources provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning which include teaching guides that may be used to assist faculty in continuing instruction in the event of an extended disruption due to pandemic illness, natural disaster, or unsafe conditions on Campus.

If planning to work remotely regularly, see University Policy 101.22 and fill out the HR forms:

  1. Telework agreement
  2. Supplemental conditions for employment
  3. Remote workplace certification checklist
  1. VPN - used for connection to certain systems (Banner) and network drives while off campus
           a. Connecting to VPN
           b. All VPN FAQs
  2. Zoom - teleconferencing/meeting solution offered at UNC Charlotte
            a. Zoom login
            b. Scheduling a meeting
            c. Adding Zoom to a Calendar event
            d. All Zoom FAQs
  3. Phone Services - manage your phone settings & voicemail remotely
            a. Checking voicemail
            c. All Phone Services FAQs
  4. Cloud storage - file storage options that are available from anywhere
            a. Google Drive
                     i. All Google Drive FAQs
                    ii. Access Google Drive
            b. Dropbox
                     i. All Dropbox FAQs
                    ii. Access Dropbox
  5. Ad hoc meeting tools - additional tools that might help you communicate with team members when you are out of the office
           a. Google Chat
           b. Google Meets


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