What settings are recommended in Zoom for use in Canvas?

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There are settings and features available for enabling in the Zoom app and web portal that are not available to be enabled directly on Canvas. If you know you will only be using Zoom for class meetings and recordings, you can change your Zoom settings in the Zoom web portal to the recommended settings below:

  1. Go to the Zoom web portal and click the Sign In button to login with your NinerNET credentials
  2. In the left pane, click the Settings link
  3. Host video: Specify whether or not you want to start the meeting with your video on
  4. Participants video: The option is not recommended for large lectures
  5. Join before host Verify that this option is off. Students will NOT be able to join the meeting before you 
  6. Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings: It is recommended that you turn this on - doing so will auto-generate a passcode for each future meeting
  7. Embed passcode in meeting link for one-click join*: Leave this setting on
  8. Mute participants upon entry: This option is recommended for large live lectures, but not for small discussion groups
  9. Only authenticated users can join meetings: Turn this on

    Authenticated users

    All participants must be logged into their Zoom profile or through the Zoom application. If you create meetings in Canvas, this setting is not picked up from your general settings and needs to be added to particular meetings in the web portal

  10. Closed captioning*: this setting must be turned on if you have a student who requires a live transcriptionist to provide captioning for the meeting - see this FAQ for more information on automated closed captioning

Setting Options

Options denoted with an asterisk, *, must be enabled in your profile settings page. You cannot change these options when creating a meeting

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