What phone models are available for office use?


Phone Type Details

Cisco Unified IP Phone (8841 -2 lines and 8851 -5 lines

The 8841 and 8851 series has 5 programmable line keys (for answering a shared line or speed dial) and 4 dynamic soft keys that guide users through call features and functions.  These phones also offer a 2-way speaker, adjustable foot-stand and a dedicated headset port.

  1. Cost
         a. Monthly: $30
         b. Purchase: approximately $300 - $500
  2. User Guides
         a. Cisco 8841 Quick Reference Guide
         b. Cisco 8800 User Guide 
         c. Cisco 8800 Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Unified Conference Phone - 8831 Series 

The Cisco Unified Conference Phone 8831 is a full-featured single line conference station allowing you to place and receive calls and to access features such as mute, hold, transfer, speed dial, and call forward. The conference station provides a backlit LCD screen, support for up to ten speed-dial numbers, and a variety of other sophisticated functions. Optional microphone extension kits provide enhanced room coverage that can be further expanded by linking two units together.

  1. Cost
         a. Monthly: $30
         b. Purchase: approximately $850 for device, $400 for additional microphones
  2. Access to network data, XML applications, and web-based services.
  3. Online customizing of conference station features and services from your User Options web pages.
         a. Quick Reference Guide
         b. Full User Guide


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