When should a NinerWorks request be submitted?


UNC Charlotte FAQ : When should a NinerWorks request be submitted?

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Supplemental to PIM 63, Process Deadlines and Requirements for Hiring and Paying Temporary Employees

  1. Submit NinerWorks request immediately after you decide to hire a student or temporary staff employee
  2. Login to NinerWorks to submit the assignment request.   How do I login to NinerWorks?

    To ensure that this new employee can be paid, do not schedule them to start work until the NinerWorks request is fully processed. You can tell your request is fully processed by logging into NinerWorks and reviewing the status of REQUESTS INITIATED BY ME on the Home page or navigate to the Manage page and click TRACK.

  3. If your NinerWorks request is not processed within three business days from submission/departmental approval, email one of the following areas:
    1. Students: Email the Student Employment Office, studentemployement@charlotte.edu
    2. Temporary staff: Email the Staff Employment Office, employment@charlotte.edu
    3. Temporary faculty: Email Academic Affairs, faculty-recruit@charlotte.edu
    4. Special Payments: Email Academic Affairs Budget, aa-budget@charlotte.edu   Staff Special Payments: Email employment@charlotte.edu 
    5. Student Leadership: Email employment@charlotte.edu 




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