How do I cancel a NinerWorks request for an Assignment?


  1.  To cancel a graduate assistantship contract, please contact the Graduate School NinerWorks System Administrator Megan Himes at
  2.  To cancel an HR or Academic Affairs assignment, please contact the appropriate area:

Student Employment: Email the Student Employment Office, 

Student Leadership: Email,

Temporary staff: Email the Staff Employment Office,

Temporary faculty: Email Academic Affairs,

Continuing Education Part Time Employee:  Email  UNC Charlotte Continuing Education,

Special Payments for Faculty:  Email Academic Affairs Budget,

Special Payments for Staff:  Email the Staff Employment Office,

NOTE:  To cancel a NinerWorks request that has not been fully approved and processed to Banner, the approver must disapprove the request. The disapprove action will change the request status to Terminated. The originator will be notified via email and the disapproved request can be viewed using the Track menu in NinerWorks. 



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