How do I enroll in direct deposit or edit my bank account information?


The Self Service Quick Link icon and navigation to the Employee Direct Deposit screen may look different for Faculty & Students. The screenshots in the steps below are from the Employee view.


Log in to using your NinerNet Username and password and follow the steps below.

Pay Distribution = Payroll
The direct deposit screen has two sections. Expand the sections by clicking the down arrow. If you are an employee, you must complete the Proposed Pay Distribution (Payroll) section to receive your paycheck via direct deposit to your bank account. Students complete the Accounts Payable Deposit section. 

  1. Click the Employee Self Service icon from the Quick Links menu
    employee self service in quick links

    Note to Faculty & Students:
    The Self Service icon on Quick Links Menu will vary based on the view selected from Students and Faculty will use the four square menu to navigate to Direct Deposit. Follow step 2. below.
    student self service icon
    faculty and advisor self service advisor icon
  2. Navigate to the Employee Dashboard and Pay Information using one of the following navigation methods:
    • Select Direct Deposit Information from the Pay Information section of the Employee Dashboard
    • Or, use the four square menu icon to navigate to Banner → Employee Information → Pay Information → Direct Deposit
      employee dashboard screenshot
  3. Add your bank account information for Pay Distribution (Payroll) and Accounts Payable Deposit  
    1. Select Add New on the right side of the screen
    2. Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers add a direct deposit bank account for both Pay Distribution & Accounts Payable Deposit 
    3. Scrolling down to access the Accounts Payable Deposit section may be necessary. 
    4. To change your bank account information, go to Step 7
  4. Enter your Bank Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Type
    1. The Priority should be set to 1 for all accounts
    2. Select Use Remaining Amount
    3. Read the Direct Deposit information and check the box to authorize
    4. Select SAVE NEW DEPOSIT to save your information
      Add payroll allocation screenshot
  5. Scroll down to add your Accounts Payable Deposit

    When adding the second direct deposit allocation, you have the option to Create from existing account information or Create new
    • Create from existing account information will use your existing account
      1. Select Create from existing account
      2. Select the existing account from the drop-down list   
      3. Read the Direct Deposit information and check the box to authorize 
      4. Select SAVE NEW DEPOSIT to save your information
    • Create new will allow you to enter a second bank account
      1. Select Create new
      2. Enter Bank Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Type. Priority will be 1 for all accounts
      3. Select Use Remaining Amount
      4. Read the Direct Deposit information and check the box to authorize
      5. Select SAVE NEW DEPOSIT to save your information
  6. Confirm you saved your bank account for Pay Distribution and Accounts Payable Deposit by reviewing the Status on the far right of both sections. 
    Status = active

    Authorizing Direct Deposit:  It is not necessary to check the box at the bottom of the screen to authorize direct deposit. Authorization is completed during the add of the bank account information. 

    authorization checkbox

  7. To Change bank account information, you must delete the old account and add a new one.
    1. To delete a bank account, check the box to the left of the bank name and then select Delete. When prompted Are you sure you want to delete? select Delete
      delete account screenshot
    2. Follow steps 3-6 above to add your new bank account information


  • Policy: Enrollment in the University’s direct deposit program is mandatory for all University employees. For more information, view University Policy 602.1, Direct Deposit of Pay.
  • Make sure your personal (non-charlotte) mailing address and phone number are current in Banner by following these FAQ instructions.
  • Contact Information: Email if you have difficulty (For security reasons, DO NOT include your bank information).



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