How do I access my electronic Form W-2?


  1. Log into 

    Former Employees:  See this FAQ to learn how to access your Form W-2 if you are not a current employee of UNC Charlotte.

  2. Select the Employee Self Service icon from the Quick Links menu
    screenshot of quick links menu with employee self service icon framed in red

  3. Select the Taxes Section to expand Tax information in the Employee Dashboard, then select W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
    screenshot of employee dashboard in employee self service with taxes area expanded
  4. Select the desired Tax Year from the drop-down menu and select Display
  5. Once your Form W-2 appears, select Printable W-2, located near the bottom left corner of the screen 
  6. Follow your web browser's instructions to choose your printer destination and select print
  7. To view the IRS W2 Notice and Instructions for the Employee, select the link that appears above your Form W-2 (in step 5 view)
  8. To learn how to reconcile your last paycheck of the year to your Form W-2, see this FAQ



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