CCI Laptop Loaner Guidelines


The College of Computing & Informatics has a very limited number of loaner laptops available for deployment to CCI faculty, staff and students.  The CCI loaner pool supplements the Atkins library laptop resource which is available for short term loans of a week or less.  CCI loaner laptops may be available for longer term loans (typically up to one month) if requested by a CCI faculty member.   University owned laptop loaner assets provided to students are not for travel outside of the country.    To receive a laptop from the CCI loaner pool one of the following criteria must apply:

  1. A student’s personal laptop is broken.  The laptop should be returned after a repair is done or a replacement is obtained.
  2. A specific course or project requires a different OS to run an application during class that is not compatible with a student’s personal laptop.

Students with older or lower performing systems should check out the campus Apporto virtual desktop offering.    Many of the software applications used in campus courses are available in Apporto and only require a web browser.   Processing is done on the Apporto side.

What is Apporto?

For longer term laptop loan of a month or more,  a CCI faculty member must submit the CCI Loaner Laptop Request form and provide the reason the laptop is needed by a particular student.   The OneIT CCI Technology Solutions Office IT Director will review requests and create helpdesk ticket for approved laptop loans.    OneIT Desktop Support staff working out of the Woodward Hall Walk-In Help Desk (Woodward 313) will prepare a laptop from the available inventory and contact the client when it is available for pick-up.

Laptops should be returned to the Woodward 313 Walk-Up Service Desk during posted hours of operation.    Laptops will be re-imaged by the OneIT technical staff and returned to the general loaner inventory.     Students must wait for at least seven days before a new loaner laptop request from the CCI inventory will be approved.

If you have a problem with the laptop during the lending period,  please use the online IT Service Desk portal at to 'Create a New Ticket'.  Provide details including the device system name and the specific problem(s) encountered, and an agent will be in contact to help to troubleshoot the issue.




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