New Certificate Requirements


Certificate Creation Process

Below is the general flow of the certificate creation process.

  1. Program Director notifies IT of the new certificate, and provides the below information via email.
  2. IT generates a Jira ticket for the request and adds it to the work queue. 
  3. If required, IT creates prerequisite items for new course(s) (costing unit, 3-letter code, tuition profiles, etc.)
  4. If required, Program Director proposes all new courses in Destiny and notifies IT once all are Final Approved.
  5. Once courses are Final Approved and marketing deliverables are received, IT creates the certificate for internal viewing.
  6. IT sends the completed, internal certificate to the requester and marketing for final review.
  7. Once approved, the certificate is set to Public and the process is complete.

New Program Requirements

If the new certificate involves an entirely new program, the following items may be required.

Note: if the certificate is in an existing program (e.g. Campus Partnerships, Professional Development...), these are typically already set and are not required.

  • New Costing Unit name
  • 3-letter code for new courses
  • Discounts
    • Default discounts are Faculty/Staff, Early Bird, Payment Plan, Loan Options, Alumni Perks
  • Service Charges
    • Early Drop Fee
    • Late Drop Fee
    • Transfer Fee

New Certificate Requirements

The below items will be necessary for all new certificates. 

  • Certificate Name
  • Info for new Tuition Profile(s) if required for new course(s)
    • Name
    • Price
    • GL Account code (If this will be a new GL account, this must be coordinated with accounting to be created in Destiny in advance)
    • Deposit amount
  • Completion Requirements (i.e. which courses are required to earn the certificate)
    • Note that these may still need to be proposed in the system 
  • Bundle price (if applicable)
  • 384x156px thumbnail image *
  • Certificate "hero" image uploaded to marketing area in Destiny *
  • Image or featured video for the certificate profile page *
  • HTML code for public description for the certificate profile page *
  • Any CM blocks, if needed *
  • Web page meta subject/description *
  • Credly badge *
  • RFI (If required. Campaign, thank-you CM, and interest area must be created in Salesforce) *
  • Vanity URL (if requested - e.g.

* : Marketing will need to assist with or create these items. Please work with them on these and have them send over all deliverables to IT via ticket.



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