VPN Access Error Instructions


Please expand the instructions below for your Computer OS. 

MacOS Instructions

Please follow these instructions if you are on MacOS

From the Dock or Anyconnect Window
  1. Open the AnyConnect window from your dock or applications folder. 
  2. Click on the graph icon in the bottom left corner to open the statistics page. 
    VPN Window
From the Menu Bar
  1. Left-click on the AnyConnect Icon in the Menu Bar and select Show Statistics Window. 
    Menu Bar
  1. From the statistics window click on AnyConnect VPN in the upper right corner.
     Statistics Window
  2. Click on the Route Details Tab. 
     Route Details
  3. Ensure the Secured Routes (IPV4) list is expanded
  4. Take a screenshot of the window and email it to destinyone-group@uncc.edu
Windows Instructions

Please follow these instructions if you are on Windows.

  1. From your taskbar, find the Cisco VPN Icon and click on it; this should open the VPN software window. 
  2. In the VPN software window click on the gear icon to open the settings window. 
    Gear Icon
  3. This should open a settings window that looks like the following. 
  4. Change to the Route Details tab, ensure the Secured Routes (IPV4) list is expanded, and take a screenshot of the settings window. 
    Route Details
  5. Email the screenshot to destinyone-group@uncc.edu.



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