How do I create video discussions using Canvas Discussions and Studio?


You can create engaging video discussions between students and instructors by leveraging two tools in the Canvas: 1) Discussions + 2) Studio Capture. This is because Studio Capture videos can be created and embedded through any space in Canvas that can launch Studio through the rich content editor (RCE), including:

  • Pages
  • Assignments
  • Announcements
  • Quizzes 
  • Discussions

Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) with the Studio icon highlighted.

The following are directions for creating a Video Discussion where students and instructors will respond and reply to each other using video recordings

1. The course instructor should log into Canvas and navigate to their course. 

2. Select Discussions from the left-hand navigation menu 
Attention drawn to Canvas Discussions in left-hand navigation menu

3. Under Discussions, click the green +Discussion button to create a new discussion
Green Plus Discussion button highlighted

4. Enter the discussion Topic Title, and select any Options you want affecting the discussion, such as it being worth points (Graded), or students not being able to see other student responses until they have posted their first response (Users must post before seeing replies). 

5. Decide how you will prompt the students on the discussion, you could write the directions out OR you could record a video using Studio Capture and embed that video in the paragraph section below the rich content editor (RCE).  Note: See the screenshot below for creating a new Studio Capture video in your Library, in addition, you could select and embed a video that is not in your Library by uploading it to Studio)

Additional resources can be found here: What is the process for recording, editing, and sharing a Canvas Studio video for my class?

Creating a Studio Capture through the rich content editor

6. Once you have provided directions for the Video Discussion, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save & Publish
Save and Pubish button

7. Students will now click Reply to your Discussion by creating Studio Video responses and embedding them in the Discussion thread using the Studio feature in the rich content editor (RCE).

Reply button in Discussion highlighted

8. Here is an example of how a Student would Reply to the original discussion: 

Example of Student Replying to original studio discussion

9. The Discussion will display as videos submitted by Students beneath your original discussion post, and videos below replies as students reply to each other.  Initial replies to the discussion will be inset to the right with a space to distinguish from replies from students responding to each other.  

Video discussion flow

10. Want to SPICE IT UP? 
Many video production tools, like Zoom, include filters, stickers, and special effects that the user can apply to their video response.  You can use Zoom if this is something that interests you. Record your videos with Zoom and upload them to your Studio Library before embedding them in a Video Discussion.

Zoom has effects including Backgrounds, Video Filters, and Avatars! 

Demonstration of zoom effects and filters

See the following FAQ for more information:  "How do I create video discussions, using Zoom Recordings, Canvas Discussions, Studio?"



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