What actions do I need to take for the changes to Google Analytics?


In response to the Google announcement in 2022 that the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4),  their next-generation measurement solution, will be replacing their legacy Universal Analytics (UA), the University has begun to prepare for the migration to the new GA4 solution.

On July 1, 2023, legacy UA properties will stop collecting data. Since legacy data will not be available within the new GA4 service, the majority of websites on campus have been converted to simultaneously collect data in GA4 as well as the UA legacy method.

Please take the following actions to ensure that your website(s) is included in the migration to the new GA4 service:

  1. Review the list of websites and their status 
    1. If you find your website does not not yet have a GA4 setup and you would like one, submit a Service Desk Ticket and assign it to Web Services.
  2. If you have marketing needs that require historic data (prior to July 2023), you should export the legacy data before the July 2024 deletion date of data in the old UA service. Any action will be yours to decide and perform.
    1. OneIT cannot do this for you nor can we tell you exactly what you should do. However, we have included a couple of guides which provide instructional options and examples for exporting data: 
      1. Guide on How You Can Export Google Analytics Data
      2. Pulling down historical data - UA Example

For websites already using the new GA4 method, most will have collected almost 2 years of data in the new GA4 solution by this deadline and they may have no need to retain any additional legacy data.

If you have general questions about this change, reach out to your site managers and Campus Communicators. 



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