What is the Common Library and how is it used?


  1. The Common Library lives within the Library menu from the main Appspace menu:
    Appspace menu
  2. It can be found in the folder tree on the left side of the screen below your department's Private Library
    The common library has four folders:
    Common Library Folders
    • Faculty-Employee Facing Content: intended only for Faculty and Staff is stored

    • Student Facing Content: intended only for a student audience

    • Overall University Content: intended for all audiences–Faculty, Staff, and Student

    • University Branding: contains assets that can be used for creating content directly in Appspace

  • Content creators can upload content that they want to share with the larger campus community can do so in the Common Library.
  • There is never a guarantee about where the content might get scheduled around campus as each department is free to opt in or out of Common Library content.
  • We do however encourage every department to have one of their displays showing Common Library content.
  • Creators can learn more about uploading content to the common library in this FAQ.

Sign administrators can add more content to their sign and deliver campus news efficiently by adding scheduling one of the folders from the Common Library in their playlist - see this FAQ for more information.



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