Tools used to manage student academic and financial activities like admissions, registration, advising and financial aid.

Services (20)

Academic Petition

Student academic exception system


System supporting the University's course catalog

Appeals System

Academic appeal system

Banner - Financial Aid

Banner ERP module that supports Student Financial Aid processes.

Banner - Student

Banner ERP module that supports Student related academic processes.

Connect - Advising

Academic early alert and advising system


System for management of course curriculums


Degree audit tool for students and advisors

Destiny One

Continuing Education course management system

eGem - Grad Portal

Graduate Program Directors portal

Electronic Graduate Payment System

Graduate funding system

Experience System

Student internship platform


Student engagement system

Learning Communities

System to support first year students

Maxient - Student Conduct

Student conduct system

OrgSync - Student Orgs

Student engagement system

OSCP Clinical Database

Clinical experiences system

Schedule Wizard

Student schedule planning tool


Solution that manages prospects and applicants to the University

Student Aid Internet Gateway

SAIG is a Financial Aid related tool