Data Lake


A data lake is a centralized repository designed to store, process, and secure large amounts of data. Similar to a big storage pool that holds a vast amount of water, or in this case, data. It’s a place where you can pour in all kinds of data, whether it’s neatly organized or a bit messy, and keep it there until you need it. Data lakes allow for the storage of raw data in its original form and provide the flexibility to process and analyze this data for various analytic needs, such as big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning.


Data lakes are available to faculty and staff upon request and approval by the data owner.

Additional Notes

Click the Request Service button to request access.

Be sure to specify the data lake being requested, the need for the access and how you would like to access the data.  You can find a list of available data lakes on the OneIT Data & Analytics site. Data lakes are accessible within WebFOCUS and direct JDBC/ODBC.

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